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ideas4all Innovation Universe logo ideas4all Innovation is a company that specializes in innovation and offers an innovation management software ("Universe") to facilitate and promote collaborative intelligence in organizations, encouraging transformation in businesses and institutions through the creation of ideas communities open to the participation of internal talent, clients and other stakeholders in the organizational ecosystem.


The company’s Management can monitor the community and the entire ideation process in real time, take action directed at a specific part of the process, receive detailed information on its evolution, and most importantly, ensure that the most powerful, innovative and disruptive ideas become concrete implementations.


Use our innnovation management software to receive the insights and ideas of your own personalised community. Launch challenges and ask for solutions to any specific topic or boost your corporate innovation program, merging all your participant stakeholders and innovation activities in a single channel.

ideas4all Innovation "Universe" is a suitable innovation management software for nay kind of sectors and industries. Our SaaS solution is currently adopted by big enterprises and organizations as Banco Santander, Zurich Insurance, Banco Sabadell, KPMG Repsol and city councils as the Ayuntamiento de Santander (Spain).

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