Qmarkets logo Our innovation management software enables businesses to let their employees and customers suggest new innovative ideas for the company and take part in the company's innovation process.

The platform manages the suggested ideas and let you monitor, analyze and screen the ideas - until best ideas are identified and implemented.

Our innovation management software is simple and intuitive and doesn't require any training.

Qmarkets' innovation management software

Your Platform. Your Rules.

Qmarkets powerful and collaborative idea management and innovation management platform, enables different stakeholders to suggest ideas for any challenge your organization is facing.

Other users may rate and comment on submitted ideas, helping developing the ideas, as well as allowing the company to identify the most popular ideas.

The platform manages the complete life cycle of each idea, from the initial idea spark, until it is either approved and implemented or rejected.

Since the platform is available through any browser or mobile device it helps the organization overcome barriers of locations, time-zones and languages.

Our idea management software is designed to help you meet your company's strategic goals, whether it is new products development, process improvement, customer satisfaction, or any other goal.

We offer a solution tailored to your exact needs, allowing you to implement even the most demanding processes, workflow’s and requirements.

With the assistance of our highly experienced product experts, we configure the platform to fit the needs and culture of your organization.

Qmarkets' software has many benefits including increased revenue, getting real feedback, discovering better ideas, enhancing employee motivation & commitment and much more.

Qmarkets innovation management software advantages :

- Fully configurable workflow engine, defining the exact idea life cycle end-to-end

- Fully customized homepage

- Administrator can easily launch new campaigns, using the campaign creator wizard

- Multi-tenancy – offering different business units the flexibility to have dedicated communities

- Powerful permissions control

- Automatic email alerts and reminders

- Personal Tracking Pages

- Wide range of evaluation & rating tools

- Wide variety of IT integrations

- Rich Gamification techniques

- Variety of interfaces support (Web, mobile app, tables)

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