Strategiize™ software as a service is a unique tool for managing opportunities. It differs from an IP Management tool. Strategiize™ software as a service focuses on the end point and creating value from ideas, steering toward commercial outcomes.A web-based software it is designed to ensure momentum, utilise market drivers to ‘develop’ the idea or technology and increase commercialisation learning both for individuals and across organisations.
Strategiize The tool breaks down what can seem like a huge, and sometimes daunting, picture into smaller, manageable pieces that drive efficiency and reduce ineffectual activities.

Strategiize™ software as a service features a system of project disclosure using a “New Project Wizard’ which then generates a commercial Workplan based on the responses entered. This dynamic Workplan is comprised of innovation specific ‘Issues’ and the ‘Actions’ required to resolve them and the framework can be fully customised to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

For research or commercial organisations, the challenges in managing innovation have included:

* Getting ideas or project disclosures from researchers or staff

* Assessing and prioritising new ideas or projects

* Managing the workflow and improving the collaboration with the many people involved in the project teams

* The complexity of creating value from an idea

For the individual entrepreneur, it can be all these in addition to having a mentor on a daily basis to guide you.

By focusing on the end point right at the start, Strategiize™ software as a service provides solutions to these challenges AND it takes the pain out of writing reports with fully customised reporting at the click of a button.

Major Benefits & Features

* Easily modifiable for planning and tasking commercialisation projects

* Cloud computing for increased mobility and operational efficiency

* Quick and easy reporting, taking the pain out of project and programme management

* Drag and drop functionality for document and content management

* Secure internet collaboration with unlimited partners and projects

* Instant search functions

* Provides a clear focus when there may be many unknowns!

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