Chris DeArmitt

Renowned innovator who shares perspectives on how innovation struggles and how to overcome the obstacles to success. Unlike people who discuss the theory of innovation, Chris is uniquely positioned to reveal how the innovation process really works in a company setting.
Chris DeArmitt Chris has worked at companies from huge to tiny and in countries including the UK, Sweden, Italy, Germany and the USA. Roles have included R&D, Product Development and Marketing. Independently ranked as one of the top materials experts worldwide and in the top 0.1% of innovators with 3 open innovation wins totaling $50 000, he has delivered innovation while working for companies including Electrolux and BASF. These companies cry out for innovation but are notoriously poor at bringing new developments to market. The reasons for that are highlighted along with ways to overcome or ameliorate the problems.

His perspectives and insight as an innovator are very different from those presented by managers and executives from large companies who are unaware of how their carefully designed systems falter in real use. His presentations are given in a humorous way but the message is a serious one. Climb out of the Innovation Abyss. Stop throwing money at the problem and instead implement new strategies that give you an edge.

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