Mary van de Wiel

As founder of Zing Your Brand, a subsidiary of A New Brand Landscape & Co., Van is a creative, energetic and highly individualistic serial entrepreneur. A passionate champion of supporting startup CEOs and entrepreneurs to show up and stand out in today’s competitive market, Van leans towards offering bold and maverick insights and solutions for the most pressing business issues facing entrepreneurs today. Her eclectic energy, sense of humor and enthusiasm are contagious. Better known as ‘master of zing, Van brings a more provocative edge to the world of branding, and the news media and online communities regularly seek Van’s expertise.
Mary van de Wiel After running her own award-winning agency for 18 years, creating cutting-edge global brand campaigns for Fortune 500 clients in the U.S., China, Southeast Asia and Australia, Van now helps entrepreneurs and startup CEOs leverage their irresistible Zing Factor, embed it in their brand, and then build an entire business around it.

Her Zing Your Brand methodology powers up the credibility factor so her clients are seen as industry experts, land more clients, and ultimately impact the bottom line through her one-on-one consulting work, and through her company’s online brand marketing services.

She speaks to branding and communications issues:

•Capturing your Irresistible Zing Factor

• The Art of Turbo Charging Business

• Brand Storytelling

• The Power of Design-Driven Branding

• Brand Culture, Brand Voice and Brand Attitude

• Minding your Brand’s Behavior

• 180º Brand Transformation

• And Much More…

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