Please check back frequently for FAQ updates.

Q: How do I submit my solution?
A: Submissions must be in MS-Word or LaTeX format using the appropriate submission template. You can download the submission template here (.zip).
Once your solution is completed, you can submit it on the submission page in the participants area.

Q: I am overseas from the United States. Since the event will be held in the USA, will I be able to participate?
A: Yes you are eligible to compete in the contest. The event will be held in the United States, however if you are selected as a finalist you will have the option to present via videoconference.

Q: Am I allowed to publish my entry in a journal?
A: Technically, the work may be published, however the data may not be published or publicized in any way, and is protected by the non-disclosure agreement that is signed when you download it.

Q: May I use the Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics data for educational purposes?
A: The data may only be used for the purposes of the contest, so no it may not be used for educational or any other purposes.

Q: I work for a large agricultural company, can I compete?
A: Employees or people who are associated with large agricultural companies are not eligible to compete. Please contact us if you have any questions about whether or not you are allowed to participate.

Q: Is there any flexibility on the due date?
A: The deadline is firm. This is needed to ensure we meet the time requirements of the INFORMS conference in April.

Team Questions

Q: Can several people enter as a team?
A: Yes, a team may participate. The only requirement is that each person on the team must register and click the "Download data" link in the participant's dashboard to sign the NDA. Please make note of all the team members on your submission.

Q: Should all team members be registered?
A: Each member of the team should register for the challenge. There should be one submission for each team, with each team member's name on the submission.

Q: Are there any team size restrictions for this competition?
A: There is no limit.

Q: Will prizes be awarded individually or to the whole teams?
A: The prize money will be associated to the entry. If the entry is by a team of two or more members, the members must determine how to separate the prize money.

Q: I can’t work alone, and I don’t have a team. Can I still participate?
A: Try to find someone local (in your town or university) that might also be interested in the problem with whom you could collaborate. Also, if you do some work but are unable to fully complete your solution, we would still be interested in seeing your progress.

Q&A Webinar

Additional information and Q&A are available in the WEBINAR.