Technology Wanted:
Consumer Food Monitoring Device

Status: Completed
Award: $2,000 referral fee for each accepted lead.
An accepted lead is a lead that the client decides to follow up on.

A client is seeking a device, or enabling technologies to perform, real-time monitoring of food for pesticide residues, veterinary residues and adulterants in a consumer device.

The Requirements of the Device are as follows:
  • Must be simple and rugged, able to withstand 10⁰C - 32⁰C with 80% relative humidity;
  • Must be able to distinguish between ppm level for veterinary and pesticide residues, and inorganic trace metals;
  • Must be capable of being operated by unskilled individuals (general public);
  • Low power requirements (300 watts continuous), with a preference to be battery-operated;
  • Able to communicate via common wireless protocols, collect GPS data, and communicate with commonly used mobile software platforms such as iOS and Android;
  • Must have a low cost to manufacture ($100-$200 USD), however higher-priced devices that meet the requirements are also of interest. Manufacturing volumes are the order of 50,000 per annum;
  • The sample matrices will be liquid or solid, non-homogenous and complex. We require simple, non-hazardous sample preparation and straight forward sample introduction into the device.

Desirable, but not critical elements are:
  • Inorganic trace metals to ppb;
  • No sample preparation.

In scope are:
  • Commercially-available devices that meet the above requirements;
  • Enabling technologies (such as sensors) that are available for license or acquisition.