Seeking Cucumber Germplasm

Status: Completed
$2,000 referral fee for accepted leads.

A Client is seeking Cucumber Germplasm that meets the following conditions:
  • Resistance to Nematodes
  • Resistance to Fusarium
  • Resistance to CGMMV
  • Resistance to downy mildew
  • Cold tolerance
  • Must have detailed information on the source: name, address, phone number.
  • There needs to be clear information that supports that the germplasm is available for collaboration/license.
  • The client is interested in the following and related species:
    1. Cucumis hystrix
    2. Cucumis debilis
    3. Cucumis metuliferus
    4. Cucumis sativus var. Sikkimensis
    5. Cucumis sativus

The client is NOT seeking:
  • Cucumis species other than those mentioned above

  • Do not post any confidential information.
  • $2,000 referral fee for accepted leads.