Technology/Partner Wanted:
dsRNA Delivery System that Resists Nuclease Degradation

Status: Completed
Award: $10,000 referral fee for each accepted lead.
An accepted lead is a lead that the client decides to follow up on.

A client requires a technology, ideally, or a qualified collaborator for development of a system suitable for oral delivery of dsRNA to insects. The limitation to the current approach involves the inactivation of the dsRNA by a nuclease. Consequently, the client is therefore seeking a dsRNA delivery technology that provides protection from nucleases.

Ideally, the technology will be completely prepared by the provider and available for testing within the short-term (weeks). Technologies that the client would have to deploy in-house or those that require a longer period of time before the product could be tested are less preferable but also of interest.

Key considerations for the technology are that it:
  • Can be produced in microorganisms and/or plants.
  • Has proof of concept for efficacy in delivery of long dsRNA (minimum of 80 bp)
  • Has proof of concept for dsRNA oral delivery to insects.

Technologies of interest include those:
  • Using ribonucleic acid binding proteins
  • Nuclease inhibitors
  • Available for acquisition, licensing and/or collaboration.

Technologies NOT of interest include those that:
  • Involve live viruses
  • Use algae-based production methods
  • Cannot be produced in a cell-based system