Technology Wanted:
Edible Adhesives for Food Products

Status: Completed
Deadline for Submissions: May-08-15
Award: $2,000 referral fee for each accepted lead.
An accepted lead is a lead that the client decides to follow up on.

PepsiCo is seeking food safe, edible adhesive technologies to enable uniform coating of dry food products with seasoning powders or flakes. Existing products such as starch-based adhesives are limited by the fact that water must be added to the dry product to activate the adhesive properties and then the product dried again. This has high capital and energy costs, so a key consideration is that the proposed adhesive is not water activated or water-soluble. Solutions that can work with the existing surface oil of the product are of interest as are heat or UV-activated products.

Technologies of interest will:
  1. Be suitable for coating dry (e.g., crisp, fried, dehydrated) food products
  2. Permit curing in less than 30 seconds (ideally less than 10 seconds), preferably in a deep bed tumbler system
  3. Provide uniform adherence of dried powders or flakes to food products (i.e., 95% adhesion)
  4. Be GRAS approved, ideally, or have a ready path to GRAS approval, or is naturally occurring in food products
  5. Have little or no impact on taste, color and texture
  6. Preferably, offer flexibility in changing coating thickness or other coating parameters to modify texture, taste or color on demand