Seeking High Performance Insulation

Status: Completed

A client is seeking space-saving and/or high performance insulating technologies to be used in a dispenser that houses two easily removable 3.8L bottles of liquid.

The technology must be able to be integrated into a user-accessible enclosure that houses and chills the bottles.

The technology must meet the following requirements:
  • Must not allow more than 100 BTU/hr transfer in an ambient temperature of 95 deg F
  • Must not be more than 1” thick
  • Meets household safety standards (UL/ETL, FDA, etc)
  • Technology of components must be commercially available

Technologies that meet the following additional requirements are preferred:
  • Lightweight
  • Component or material costs less than $5 at 100K units.
  • Less than 0.5” thick

The client is not interested in technologies that require periodic user interaction.

System block diagram

$2,000 referral fee for each accepted lead.

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