Technology Wanted:
Technology for the Creation of Hydrophilic and/or Hydrophobic Films in Situ

Status: Completed
Award: $1,000 referral fee for one accepted lead.
An accepted lead is a lead that the client decides to follow up on.

A client is seeking a technology that would enable creation of hydrophilic and/ or hydrophobic films and/or nonwoven fabrics in situ (i.e. not using manufactured materials from a roll such as cast or blown film). The solution should be capable of producing these materials with little or no drying or curing. The client is also open to proposals from collaborators who own such technology.

Desired solutions will:
  • Include a commercially viable process for making materials
  • Include a list of raw materials (and suppliers if known)
  • Include precursor formulation (liquid or semi-solid preferred)
  • Require minimal or no drying or curing time or elevated temperature

The Client is also interested in leads for collaboration and/or co-development of the technology.