Seeking Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Metals

Status: Completed
$2,000 referral fee for accepted leads.

Note: the requirements for this technology were updated as of Mar-01-12.


A client is seeking an organic polymer that is a solid material in the absence of solvents and could be used as a ceramic or metal binder in fine powder systems. The material must meet the green strength requirements listed below. The material should burn off cleanly.

Must Haves

  • In a green body the green strength (as measured by a standard industry test such as the Brazilian test) should be > 6 MPa at binder loadings < 2% by weight.
  • Should be non-tacky under ambient temperatures and pressures (i.e. Tg <40C)
  • Material should leave less than 1% residue after prolonged exposure to temperatures in excess of 400°C in air.
  • May be supplied in a solid form or in a solution, with an aqueous solution preferred.
  • Minimum of freedom to practice in combination with key materials.
  • No regulatory negative issues; may require regional registration.


  • Preference will be given to materials that are soluble or dispersible in water for application but resistant to atmospheric moisture once applied.
  • Tg > 50C
  • Ready-to-go products or ingredients compatible with aqueous solutions.
  • History of safe use, minimal additional safety testing required.
  • Patented / trade secret formulations.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Commercially available.

$2,000 referral fee for accepted leads.