Technology Wanted:
Technologies for Modifying Food Forms

Status: Completed
Deadline for Submissions: May-08-15
Award: $2,000 referral fee for each accepted lead.
An accepted lead is a lead that the client decides to follow up on.

PepsiCo seeks new manufacturing technologies to produce food products in different shapes, textures, flavors, or with other sensory differentiation. The specific interest is to expand the range of food product shapes possible with the same throughput efficiency of food extrusion systems. A broad range of manufacturing approaches are sought, including processes for injection molding, blow molding, or other manufacturing methods using gels, foams, or other food matrices or mixtures.

Technologies of interest will be:
  • New for use in food manufacturing, (i.e., from adjacent manufacturing sectors)
  • Supported with proof of concept technical data showing the capabilities of the technology to generate food products in different shapes, textures, flavors, or other sensory features.