Technology Wanted:
Non-Oil Frying

Status: Completed
Award: $2,000 referral fee for each accepted lead.
An accepted lead is a lead that the client decides to follow up on.

PepsiCo is seeking technologies to provide a healthy alternative to frying food products in edible oils. The desire is to use standard fryers used in food production, so the non-oil product must have a similar viscosity to currently used oils.

Technologies of interest will have:
  1. Temperature stability up to 230oC to 260oC (450 to 500OF)
  2. A viscosity similar to conventional edible oils used for frying (e.g., between 20 to 30 mPa at 50OC)
  3. Thermophysical properties compatible with existing fryer technology
  4. No adverse impact on product shelf-life
  5. Approval for use in food production, ideally GRAS approved or with a clear path to compliance