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Avoiding IP Contamination when Crowdsourcing Ideas

If you are a company that accepts ideas from the public, you may be interested in providing yourself with a layer of protection against IP contamination.

Companies are often sued by people who claim that their ideas/inventions have been stolen by a company that they had submitted them to.

By directing these ideas through the IdeaConnection system, you achieve two benefits:

  1. Reduce Your Burden

    IdeaConnection will filter the hundreds, if not thousands of ideas that are submitted to you, through experts who have signed Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, and have relevant knowledge and experience pertinent to your submissions. These experts will evaluate the submissions and forward to you only the ideas/inventions that pertain to your area of interest, thereby reducing the quantity of ideas you need to scrutinize.

  2. Protect Yourself

    By only being shown a small quantity of high quality ideas, you are being provided with a layer of protection from IP contamination. You have real deniability in reference to most of the ideas submitted to you, and can confidently deflect frivolous lawsuits, as you have never seen (most of) the submitted ideas and inventions.

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