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Lateral Thinking

The truth is de Bono stole Lateral Thinking from Alex Osborn of BBDO Advertising, and de Bono stole Six hats from Michael Hewitt-
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Posted by Ian Carter on December 31, 2017
I take objection to the use of the word "deliberate" in your definition of what lateral thinking is. I acknowledge that it has to be deliberate for folks who are inclined to vertical thinking, but there are some out there who think laterally innately and intuitively.
I only know this because someone pointed it out to me. I am 63 years old and, it turns out, think laterally without being deliberate about it. This woman noticed me behaving in such a manner while volunteering with kindergarten kids during a science fair. Upon her suggestion, I looked it up and discovered that I have laterally thought my way through life without ever seeking so to do.
Anyone else out there have this paradigm? I took/take it for granted and thought it was available to everyone, but upon reflection I see that I have always been an odd ball.
Posted by David Hazlett on June 9, 2017
The opening of the article, ",,, a deliberate, systematic creative-thinking process that deliberately looks at challenges from completely different angles." Puts the concept of Lateral Thinking in a box that those who practice it intuitively would laugh at. The use of the world "deliberate" twice, along with the "systematic" conflict with the real definition of the term: "creative-thinking". Even adding the concept of a process restricts the freedom of looking at challenges that happens under intuitive practice of the behavior. Those that can not dip their feet in that pool cannot be expected to understand what it is like in the deep end. The intuitive people who live that behavior innately do not have be deliberate or systematic. That is a means by which the ability is taught to those who don't get it intuitively, but only in a format with which they can be at ease, hence deliberate and systematic, because that gives them peace of understanding. The folks who behave laterally innately are not so restricted and their practice of the behavior is thus not restricted by what might be taught to them by others, but by lessons they have learned at every stage and moment of life, including the learning of the problem of the day, e.g.
Posted by Dave Hazlett on March 12, 2017
Science is telling us that the whole mind, maybe 99%, uses vison logic. It is a million times faster and very accurate somehow. It's accessed with words and intuition. Looking up Emotional Intelligence leads to intuition. I read clear articles only, because there is so much that is not and good information can make a quantum leap in our thinking ability.

As to words, try to use accurate descriptive words. It may just turn you thinking around. A wrong word or connotation of several words can turn you all around and our connection with the world and our own mind is the critical connection that we need to get to the creative thought that whole brain thinking is so capable of reaching. Our mind seems designed that way for thinking at all. I see this as the way out of the illogical world we have built, especially since we have to go through our compassion center to link the two hemispheres of the brain.

So some subjects related to creative thinking and thinking ability should include Emotional Intelligence and intuition. All the greats from Aristotle to Einstein have credited intuition, deemed it absolutely necessary to thinking at all and used it for their creations, but I guess you all are already sold on intuition. I just wonder, though, if people really know how powerful it is, how much it can change your life and that there are so many related areas that I haven't even mentioned that a wise person should look into.
Posted by harold barre on January 30, 2010

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