Theory of Trouble Shooting

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Theory of Trouble Shooting

After observing many critical troubles in some system or the other over the period of time in various units & systems, it had occurred to me that most of the time we are not having any exact methodology for analysing troubles in the machines / systems & we are relying upon past experience & trial & error approach.

During decision-making lectures in MDI Gurgaon, the important concept of “Trouble shooting is decision making in reverse.” was conceptualised by me. Since in decision-making, we are trying to alter various inputs for any desirable output from the system but in case of trouble shooting, some undesirable output is before us for which we are trying to find out the real reason or root cause.

Later on, based on various other inputs & concepts, I have tried to make a comprehensive methodology for thinking for any root cause analysis & I have used it many no. of times to get technically verifiable root causes for many troubles. One aspect which occurred to me was that we are mostly asking about “What has happened?” & How much is the quantity of trouble parameter?” but these questions can not give any answer to “Why the trouble has appeared?” which is the most important question.

I am sure that this attempt will help all concerned in not only in O & M field but for all others as well. I have seen good Doctors using these concepts for diagnosing critical ailments inadvertently. Even all our elaborate schemes for transmission lines & Transformers protections are based on the philosophy of this “theory of trouble shooting”.

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