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TandemLaunch Technologies

Multimedia Technology Acceleration

Making University Ideas a Reality

TandemLaunch Technologies works with university inventors to bridge the technology transfer gap. While universities are the greatest source of technological innovation, there is a gap between university and industry that keeps a large percentage of these innovations from making it to industry and, ultimately, everyday consumers. Our unique acceleration combines financing and development staff and resources, with industry connections and specialization in the consumer electronics industry. Our specialization is in audio, video, display, human-computer interaction and related multimedia technologies with broad consumer appeal.

Proposed projects are evaluated to ensure:
  1. TandemLaunch has the appropriate expertise and resources for the project's needs.
  2. The invention can be scalable to the broad consumer electronics market, and is amenable to a licensing business model.
  3. The invention can be protected through patents.
  4. There is industry interest in the invention.
  5. An initial demonstration prototype can be developed with an overall budget of $1 million or less.

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