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Group Theory applied to DNA nucleotides to describe proteins behavior

https://proteinproteininteractions.net/ I have a mathematical model to represent proteins. Their properties like interactions and structure derive from the math properties associated to the description, based on Group Theory. I am looking for someone willing to get this model and use it to explore the possible applications and the limit of validity.

Bread Fresh / Food Fresh Appliance

A technologically advanced ( PATENT PENDING ) Container Appliance (that can also be be scaled for Industrial applications) that maintains the freshness of Bread and other Foodstuffs far longer than existing systems.

Baby Brush

The baby brush combines the two primary methods of cleaning and wiping a baby’s first teeth and gums: 1. Using a wipe as paediatricians and dental associations recommend and 2. Using the softest bristles Ideal for Cleaning and Ideal for Teething.
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The Fence Enhancer

A fully patented product. This amazing new item is the fence enhancer. The Fence Enhancer is Designed for colonial style metal rail fence 1 inch x 1 inch I have produced. Patent is good for any size. I have a second Patent for the Rail of a chain link style metal fence. Secure clamp over rail in any desired area along the rail of the fence. The upper portion is approximately .88 inches inside diameter. Most standard solar lights with or without extension would fit. You may place other decorative items in the upper portion, solar light, tiki torch, flag, bird house on a pole; etc, use your ima

Eyeglass Tracking System, Glasses, Eyewear, VR (virtual reality) Smartglasses, Goggles (sport), Safety Glasses

An eyeglass tracking system includes an eyeglass assembly having a transceiver configured to transmit a signal to an electronic communication device having a software application for locating the eyeglass assembly. The electronics communication device may indicate a geographic location or a proximity to the eyeglass assembly when the software application is initiated. The eyeglass tracking system is useful for locating misplaced eyeglasses. www.trackmyglasses.com

Preservation and dispensing system for corked bottles

The patented Wine Preservation and Dispensing System offers a substantial improvement over current wine “P/D” systems, in both length and quality of preservation and ease/speed of integrating and removing each bottle. This technology allows for nearly limitless preservation (tests over a year have shown no change in quality), while wine was being occasionally dispensed. The cork is never removed and no oxygen is ever exposed to the wine. This technology avoids the many drawbacks, limitations and dangers in other wine P/D systems. Proven need and acceptance with many thousands of high-end
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