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Wind Transformer

A wind transformer comprises a differential vertical wind turbine and a vertical parallel propeller. It converts low density, alternate direction winds into useful condensed energy to empower vessels.

Wind Turbine Blade Assembly

This Wind Turbine Blade Assembly capitalizes the benefits of a vertical axis. Collecting wind from any direction, a set of five unique 40-degree conic turbine blades with specific spoke to blade ratio, provide amplified, stable wind energy, producing high torque output while being wildlife safe and running silent.

Rescue Defender Suit

Every life is precious This is a life saving equipment also a defender suit and other uses including fire rescue work
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Screening for risk of falling in the elderly.

We have invented and patented a exercise machine for the following:- It has granted patents in USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. WHAT PROBLEM DOES FORMULA MOTION ADDRESS? Falls prevention in the elderly. Ageing and disability lead to poor mobility, a deterioration of balance and weakening of the musculoskeletal system. This can be addressed by screening and assessing a person’s risk of falling and then targeted balance training which decreases the risk of accidents and falls. Every year, 1 in 3 elderly people in the EU and the UK will suffer a fall, resulting in 3.5

Medical Securement Devices

The Smart-Clip series is designed to safely secure the lines and cords of vital medical equipment. The three different Smart-Clip devices are made to meet different needs and together they can safely secure the location of any tube, line, hose or cord. Smart-Clip Multi is specifically designed to secure ventilator circuits to bed frames or fabric. Smart-Clip Mini can secure any catheter, line or cord to fabric. To adhere catheters, lines and cords directly to the patient’s body the Smart-Clip Skin is superior. Smart-Clip Multi is the first product in the Smart-Clip series and the most versa

An Inexpensive Replacement to Race Car Beds

The present invention is a malleable bed cover that transforms a child's bed into a predetermined object. The purpose of this invention is to replace plastic and wood bedframes that come in the shape of doll houses, airplanes, race cars, etc. Think of a fancy slipcover for a bed and bedframe. But this will allow children to transform their beds into a huge toy with storage and attachments. Cushioned barriers are strategically placed to prevent injuries. There are storage units for toys and accessories for the bed cover. The attachments include cushions for the corners of the bed cover, and
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