New Challenges and
Technology Scouting Requests

Below is a list of current disclosable Challenges and Technology Scouting requests at IdeaConnection. The majority of IdeaConnection's work is solving confidential R&D challenges. To receive invitations to solve confidential challenges sign up here.


Open Innovation Challenges

Animal Identification, Tracking and Monitoring

Award: $20,000 for each accepted solution

Predicting Market Success Through Emotion Detection

Award: $20,000 for each accepted solution

Processing Bio-Based Composite Films for Food Packaging

Award: $20,000 for each accepted solution

Transformational Snacks for Home

Award: $20,000 for each accepted solution
Deadline: Last day to join this challenge is Aug-15-16.

Flexible-to-Rigid Packaging

Award: $20,000 for each accepted solution

In-Line Food Processing Sensors

Award: $20,000 for each accepted solution

Prior Art Citation Search

Use of Inhibitory RNA in Combination with another Pesticide for Pest Control

The Seeker is looking for any non-patent literature, presentations, posters, proceedings, literature, proposals, reports, patents or patent applications, etc. publically disclosed prior to April 9, 2004 to challenge the novelty, inventiveness, or obviousness of specific concepts and methods in controlling Western corn rootworm.
$12,500 for each accepted citation.

Crowdselling Opportunities

Vehicle Backup Camera Debris Shield

We have all experienced the annoying and dangerous problem of a dirty backup camera. This small shield covers the backup camera when not in use. When the vehicle is placed into reverse, the shield retracts, and a clear view can be seen from the camera.



DecaTxt is a one-handed ten key Bluetooth device about the size of a deck of cards. Ten keys, representing ten fingers, make the alphabet a single press or a thumb shift, turning your fingers into the keyboard. Bluetooth 4.x connects to smartphones, tablets, computers & other devices.

Automatic Houseplant Watering Device

An automatic houseplant watering device which is able to water houseplants in the absence of humans for an unlimited period of time. In comparison to the similar devices it is cheaper, very user-friendly and makes no noise while operating.


Confidential Challenges

Solve Problems for Pay

New Challenges

We continually have new challenges to be solved that clients wish to remain confidential. To receive invitations to tackle these, please sign up as a Problem Solver and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Invitations are sent out based on the areas of expertise you have checked off in your profile. [DETAILS HERE]

Earn Referral Fees

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IdeaConnection Problem Solvers and Members can earn $500 by referring colleagues to IdeaConnection's problem solving membership. If the colleague you refer wins a challenge, you will be paid $500. [DETAILS HERE]