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Below is a list of current disclosable Challenges and Technology Scouting requests at IdeaConnection. The majority of IdeaConnection's work is solving confidential R&D challenges. To receive invitations to solve confidential challenges sign up here.


Open Innovation Challenges

5 New Challenges

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Prior Art Citation Search

Use of Inhibitory RNA Molecules for Pest Control

The Seeker is looking for any non-patent literature, presentations, posters, proceedings, literature, proposals, reports, patents or patent applications, etc. publically disclosed prior to April 9, 2004 to challenge the novelty, inventiveness, or obviousness of specific concepts and methods in controlling Western corn rootworm.
$12,500 for each accepted citation.

Crowdselling Opportunities

Cane Leg Support

Cane Leg Support

The CLS supports the Leg, Knee Calf or Foot when in a horizontal/or elevated position while seated. It can easily be adjusted up or down to accommodate any height requirement

VIBMASSS: Induction Power Generator for Wind and Water Wave Turbine Angular Motion

VIBMASSS: Induction Power Generator for Wind and Water Wave Turbine Angular Motion

New technology and methodology for induced power generation from wind or water wave turbine angular motion.

Solid Fuel from Combustible Waste

Process and Apparatus for the Production of a Solid Fuel from Combustible Wastes

Our process transforms fractions rejection of both organic waste and inorganic solid fuel in a recuperago with a homogeneous chemical composition has some physical-chemical characteristics that make it ideal for use as an environmentally friendly and renewable fuel.


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New Challenges

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