Work Like Da Vinci: Gaining the Creative Advantage in Your Business and Career

By Michael J. Gelb

In his instant self-help classic, the international bestseller How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, Michael J. Gelb identified seven aspects of Da Vinci’s genius that contemporary readers can emulate and apply in their own lives. Now, in WORK LIKE DA VINCI, Gelb adapts these principles to the specific demands of the workplace, sharing the innovative solutions to contemporary corporate and career challenges that have kept him in constant demand as a top-tier speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 clients.

In Gelb’s expert perspective, Da Vinci’s genius can be distilled into seven principles for the business listener:

• Ask the right questions (Curiositá)
• Put your answers to work (Dimostrazione)
• Develop your business senses (Sensazione)
• Turn uncertainty into opportunity (Sfumato)
• Strike a profitable balance (Arte/Scienza)
• Integrate for success (Corporalitá)
• Make the break-through connection (Connessione)

These principles will help you tackle such timeless business challenges as: leadership; innovation; teamwork; strategic planning; decision-making; managing change and uncertainty; giving powerful presentations; giving and receiving feedback; and more.


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