Open Innovation
Explore how our comprehensive suite of open innovation services can benefit you...
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R&D Problem Solving
Diversified teams of solvers provide in-depth solutions to your public or confidential challenges...
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Technology Scouting
Beyond databases, beyond digital
search, our human networks unearth
new and existing technologies...
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Grand Challenges
Delivering big solutions
to big problems...
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An intense week of brainstorming
with hundreds of experts delivers inspiring ideas...
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Portal Support
IdeaConnection can maximize your innovation portal's success with active outreach, traffic generation, marketing and submission screening...
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Prior Art Citation Search
Incentivized researchers unearth obscure key documents using digital and human networks...
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Providing Confidential Solutions to Your R&D Challenges

IdeaConnection gives you access to a worldwide network of experts, thought leaders and industry veterans. By getting access to these brilliant minds outside of your company, you will be able to solve technical problems, break development bottlenecks and find technologies faster and more efficiently than your competition. Find out how IdeaConnection can accelerate your innovation today.

A Huge Success for Syngenta and IdeaConnection!

Open Innovation "resulting in cost avoidance for soybean R&D of
more than $287 million from 2012-2016.” [REVIEW STORY]

Join these companies who have chosen IdeaConnection to solve problems:

Jargen Aveleda Kraft McKinsey & Company
Ahlstrom Givaudan Nemak Syngenta
Pepsico Perkin Elmer QPX Argos
Lord Nike Whitmore's Sigma Alimentos
Kelloggs Covanta Energy Indelpro Proctor & Gamble
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Collaborative Open Innovation Transforming Corporate Research and Development

Solve Problems for Pay

Working on Challenges is an Adventure
Working on Challenges is an Adventure
I have worked on a couple of projects through IdeaConnection and the wonderful thing is that it has taken me into areas and directions that I would never have gone... Raj Shankarappa, PhD