R&D Problem Solving
Diversified teams of solvers provide in-depth solutions to your public or confidential challenges...
Solutions that Roar

Solutions that roar

Technology Scouting
Beyond databases, beyond digital
search, our human networks unearth
new and existing technologies...
Eagle-eye Sleuthing

Eagle-eye discovery

Grand Challenges
Delivering big solutions
to big problems...
Saving the World

Grand challenge - save the world

An intense week of brainstorming
with hundreds of experts delivers inspiring ideas...
Storming Ideas

Balls of crumpled colored paper

Portal Support
IdeaConnection can maximize your innovation portal's success with active outreach, traffic generation, marketing and submission screening...
Sourcing Technologies

Technology outreach and portal support

Artificial Intelligence
Creating powerful, impactful solutions to your AI, big data, machine learning and analytics challenges...
Deep Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Are You Paying for Results You Don't Like?

IdeaConnection gives you access to a worldwide network of experts, thought leaders and industry veterans. By getting access to these brilliant minds outside of your company, you will be able to solve technical problems, break development bottlenecks and find technologies faster and more efficiently than your competition. Find out how IdeaConnection can accelerate your innovation today.

Feeding the World
A Huge Success for Syngenta and IdeaConnection

Partnering with IdeaConnection, Syngenta initiated a big data project seeking new technologies to develop soybeans with a higher yield. Not only did the solution save more than $287 million in R&D costs, it also improved portfolio value to exceed $1.5 billion due to the positive impact on soybean yield, and also garnered Syngenta the coveted Franz Edelman Award for excellence in applying advanced analytics.

Successful Solutions delivered to:

J∓J Aveleda Kraft McKinsey & Company
Aveleda Kraft McKinsey & Company Pfizer
Kraft McKinsey & Company Pfizer Sigma Alimentos
McKinsey & Company Pfizer Sigma Alimentos Pepsico
Pfizer Sigma Alimentos Pepsico Givaudan
Sigma Alimentos Pepsico Givaudan Nike
Pepsico Givaudan Nike Perkin Elmer
Givaudan Nike Perkin Elmer Wrigley
Nike Perkin Elmer Wrigley Ahlstrom
Perkin Elmer Wrigley Ahlstrom Fujitsu
Wrigley Ahlstrom Fujitsu Argos
Ahlstrom Fujitsu Argos Bayer
Fujitsu Argos Bayer Whitmore's
Argos Bayer Whitmore's Dannon
Bayer Whitmore's Dannon Xinova
Whitmore's Dannon Xinova Syngenta
Dannon Xinova Syngenta Covanta Energy
Xinova Syngenta Covanta Energy Gojo
Syngenta Covanta Energy Gojo J∓J
Covanta Energy Gojo J∓J Aveleda
Gojo J∓J Aveleda Kraft
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The Excitement of Converting Ideas into Applications
The Excitement of Converting Ideas into Applications
When we sent our solution we were pretty sure it would work because we collected very interesting data. But the best moment was when we received the response from the seeker that it works. I was excited. I was happy... Mohamad Hadla, PhD