The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills: Unlocking the Creativity and Innovation in You and Your Team

By Paul Sloane

"Stimulating and well written." Business Executive

"A practical, step-by-step guide that can help everyone 'get creative' and use that more effectively." Long Range Planning Journal

"If you are only going to read one business book this year, this is the one. No modern business leader should be unaware of these insights." Brian McBride, VP Northern Europe, Dell Computer Corporation

"Sloane delivers rocket fuel for the business brain." Bill Penn, CEO, Sparx Group

"Every business should embrace lateral thinking. Every leader should embrace this book." Ajaz Ahmed, CEO, AKQA

"This book teaches leaders how to transform creativity into meaningful innovation." Shawn Javid, CEO, Insightful Inc.

"Replete with lateral thinking puzzles to amuse, bemuse and encourage new ways of approaching problems. There are also plenty of real-life examples to reassure you that this stuff does work." Jim Ewan's blog

"Paul Sloane's new book is a lot of fun and helps you spot the places where you might not be thinking laterally enough. It also offers real-life lateral-thinking triumphs, debunking of popular myths and tips on structured thought to help avoid committing logical fallacies." EasyJet Inflight Magazine

"Lively and energetic...Packed with real-life examples, practical methods and lateral thinking exercises...A really exciting book and a worthwhile read for managers and students alike." Business Executive

"Practical methods and exercises are provided to help executives to both develop their own capacity for innovation and encourage and reward it in team members." Reference and Research Book News

"The book is rich with examples from the real world where creative thinking and action have led to astonishing successes (even with numerous failed attempts) and examples where conservationism and conventional thinking had led to obsolescence and catastrophe. An excellent book." Free Book Source

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