Innovation Myths and Mythstakes

By Timothy Coffey, David Siegel, Mark Smith

The all-new book that explodes the myths about innovation, while turning conventional wisdom upside down, is here.

Finally, an entertaining and useful book on innovation that is that is written in an innovative style - beginning with the fact that the book s Afterword comes first.

How many of these business-killing myths do YOU (and your boss) still believe?

Myth # 10: Brainstorming works -- Not in a million years!
Myth # 6: The Consumer is King -- Balderdash!
Myth # 1: 80% of new products fail -- False!
Myth # 14: A Great Idea Speaks for Itself -- You're dreaming!
Myth # 19: Facts Convince People to Buy -- Nonsense!
Myth # 13: Great Ideas Will Make You Rich -- Guess again!
Myth # 26: You Have To Please Your Audience -- Not true!
And many more . . .

Consumers and customers are embracing change and adopting new product offerings and services earlier and faster than ever. The need for your company to innovate is constant -- and if you don't your competitors will.

Now you can learn the secrets to reducing the risks while still creating game-changing ideas. Innovation: Myths and Mythstakes sets the record straight, while helping you acquire valuable insights into your consumer. Ideas are easy, innovation is hard. Uncover the facts that will help you understand the roadblocks, and how to avoid them while keeping your innovation efforts, and your business or career on track.

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