Simplifying Innovation: Doubling speed to market and new product profits - with your existing resources

By Michael A. Dalton

Small Changes Can Deliver Big New Product Results. Are new products taking too long and failing to deliver the bottom-line impact you need? Now you can accelerate your growth by identifying your innovation bottleneck, just one of the powerful new product development strategies revealed in Simplifying Innovation.

Inspired by Goldratt's groundbreaking book, The Goal, Simplifying Innovation takes readers beyond theory and into an experience of the framework. You're introduced to Barrister Industries and its newest general manager, Maggie Edwards. Struggling to get new product innovation working again, Barrister's story demonstrates the issues companies like yours face every day and how a systematic framework can address them.

While the underlying problems that Barrister faces may be complex, you'll learn how TOC can simplify any situation. You'll also learn a straightforward, five-step approach for identifying the bottleneck in your new product process, uncovering the core issues that constrain it, and engaging your team to drive improvements in new product development speed and impact.

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