Team Creativity At Work-I: You Do Want To Be More Successful Than Your Competition, Don't You?

By Edward Glassman, PhD

This amazing book will carry your team into harvesting creativity and creative problem solving at work. Learn to capture creative thinking and solving problems creatively at work. Team excellence and success depend on it. Everyone needs to achieve high quality solutions to problems at work. Success depend on it. Yet relatively few people know the new creative thinking procedures that lead to the highest-level solutions. These procedures focus people on the real issues within a problem and on its quality solution, instead of on the preconceived ideas and notions with which we all limit ourselves. In this book, you will learn three types of procedures to help solve problems creatively.

This includes: - procedures to shift paradigms and produce unexpected new ideas - procedures to change the climate so new ideas flourish - procedures to stop pigeonholing people, including yourself, and stifling creative thinking. Here's what else you will find.

You will learn how to conduct problem-solving targeted creative thinking meetings. You will learn special creative thinking procedures for Special Creative Teams. You will discover procedures to manage and motivate people to help creative thinking at work.

You will experience some fun and games that illuminate your habits that spoil creative thinking, and the procedures to avoid them. You will find procedures to help the submission of new ideas and proposals. And, if you are a leader, you will learn procedures to adjust your leadership style to help creative thinking at work.

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