Changing the World One Invention at a Time: Acting on Your Ideas Using the Creatively Inventing Framework

By Richard Edward Rowe

Changing the World One Invention at a Time is intended to motivate everyone to act on the ideas they have. Learn how to develop new ideas and evolve existing ideas while incorporating an easy-to-use framework to transform ideas into meaningful products and patent applications.

The easy-to-understand and fun-to-read style will help you comprehend and effectively navigate the challenging invention process. The author's natural problem-solving methodology uses examples that demonstrate how to organize and integrate creative ideas into valuable assets and provides easy-to-understand instructional steps as part of an organized framework.

The ultimate goal is to get you excited about your ideas and to motivate you to tap into the steady stream of ideas fl owing around you. More importantly, this book is for those of us who have asked ourselves the question: "What do I do with this idea I have?"

Changing the World One Invention at a Time not only explains the creative inventing process but also goes into the detail needed to understand patents and how patents can protect your ideas. You do have the power to change the world and all it takes is one good idea. Perhaps it will be your idea that changes the world!
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