The Power of Convergence: Linking Business Strategies and Technology Decisions to Create Sustainable Success

By Faisal Hoque, Lawrence M. Walsh, Diana L. Mirakaj, Jeffrey Bruchner

From technology giants to major airlines to government agencies, the landscape is littered with the shells of once-promising enterprises that failed to do one thing: converge their impressive technology initiatives with their business strategies. With countless opportunities lost and billions wasted, these examples provide a much needed wake up call that it is time to institutionalize a set of repeatable management practices to successfully run an organization.

"The Power of Convergence" makes the case and lays the groundwork for a new understanding of the role of technology in business. No technology should be developed or deployed without a full vision of how it advances business goals, addresses customer needs, or both. Beyond that, technology should be so tightly inter twined with strategy that the two drive each other, with each at the ready when market opportunity materializes however suddenly.

With compelling examples of successes and failures at organizations from Ford Motor Company to the FBI, "The Power of Convergence" provides the framework and mechanisms for uniting business and technology, seeding horizontal collaborations and partnering opportunities, and capturing strategic possibilities created through convergence.
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