Living for the Weekday: What Every Employee and Boss Needs to Know about Enjoying Work and Life

By Clint Swindall

Employee engagement drives superior performance—it's that simple. Good leaders know this, and take active steps to promote it. Yet engagement is a two-way street; no program works without employees stepping up and participating. If you're a leader, this participation is the key to your team's breakthrough results. If you're a team member, it's the ticket for more life satisfaction and career advancement.

In his debut book titled Engaged Leadership, author Clint Swindall addressed the leader's role in employee engagement. Through this popular business fable, Clint introduced readers to Seth Owen, a young management recruit who helps his boss build a culture of employee engagement. In this eye-opening follow-up to Engaged Leadership, Clint retells the fable from the perspective of Miles Freeman, an employee of Seth's who struggles with the disengagement of everyone around him. With the help of some insightful and timely training on life balance, Miles discovers that employee engagement is the result of some specific choices he and his coworkers make in their personal lives.

Whether you're a leader or an employee, Living for the Weekday gives you effective ways to create sustainable, far-reaching engagement in any collaborative workplace. With five key factors as the foundation for balancing life and work—career, relationships, health, finances, and spirituality—Living for the Weekday enables you to:

* Answer hard questions about your career
* Focus on your personal growth
* Strengthen work relationships
* Surround yourself with the right people
* Benefit from adding value to your employer
* Commit to a cause greater than yourself

This innovative and entertaining book takes a fun yet practical look at job satisfaction from the employee's point of view. Filled with challenges and self-assessments, it supplies you with a series of tools to get the most out of your team and your career, while serving as an enduring reminder that job satisfaction comes down to practicing a few simple behaviors—behaviors that may seem simple on the surface, but that can be agonizingly difficult to master. Make this inspiring and powerful book your first step in achieving a new level of workplace success.

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