Think BITS - Things to get you Thinking Creatively

By Nigel Collin

'Think BITS' is a practical guide to thinking more creatively with a range of thinking tools and devices. It is all about how to think differently and more creatively in business and in life.

In today’s world, success is determined more and more by our ability to come up with new ideas and creative solutions. It’s all about thinking differently and more often than not we just need a bit of prodding to do just that. Think Bits is a practical tool to help you think creatively and find ‘out-of-the-box’ creative solutions to conundrums.

'Think BITS' will help you look at things laterally by giving you a host of triggers and prompts which force you into different ways of looking at things.

Open any page at random and you’ll find ideas and exercises, which are designed to jolt your thinking and get you looking at opportunities from a different perspective and in a creative manner.

So if you’re stuck on an idea or need a kick start then open up Think Bits and get moving.

Some of these triggers will seem very logical and practical and others will seem a little off the wall and...well...weird. That’s okay, they’re all designed to get you thinking differently and snap you out of your current thought patterns.

The ideas are in no particular order. In fact, I printed all the pages and threw them into the air and then picked them up. The order I picked them up in is the order they stayed in. So open any page, follow the suggestions and get cracking.

There are two parts to this edition (exclusive for the e-book version). The first is the original ‘Think BITS’. The second is a series of ponderings, essays and observations about creativity and being creative. These are from my initial blog ‘Weekly BITS’ in its early years. I have taken the liberty of pulling out what I think are the more relevant and interesting bits.

Remember, being creative is all about looking at things in different ways, being adventurous and, above all, having fun.

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