The Innovation Solution

By Praveen Gupta

Making Innovation More Pervasive, Predictable and Profitable

While others talk about the known innovation problem, The Innovation Solution offers a well researched, logical and holistic understanding of the innovation process, taught for many years at several colleges and Universities. The Twenty-first century requires twenty first century solutions. In this groundbreaking book, Praveen Gupta provides an easy to understand, powerful innovation framework for anyone interested in learning about innovation and striving for success at the personal or organizational level.

But more than that, it demonstrates that innovation skills can be taught and learned for pursuing ones passion and growth. Gupta has recognized that Innovation is a learned skill, and he has applied Einstein’s revolutionary work correlating innovation as a function of ones speed of thought to develop his overall framework. Known as Breakthrough Innovation (or Brinnovation), this framework has combined strategies for success, the Rule of Two, , management techniques, measures, return on innovation, a curriculum to jump-start an innovation initiative and the powerful TEDOC methodology (Target, Explore, Develop, Optimize, and Commercialize).

Systematically explaining the various aspects of innovation and how they impact companies in the knowledge age, Gupta shares his own experience in the dot-com industry in what is arguably the most profoundly affecting innovation management book available for the casual reader and seasoned veteran alike. Surprising, challenging, and altogether inspiring, The Innovation Solution is a life-altering guide to jump-starting a dynamic profitable future.

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