Creating Creativity

By Thomas C. Van Hare

Innovation Techniques for Business, Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Most managers view themselves as innovative, highly creative thinkers. Yet despite that, many cite a lack of creativity in their businesses as one of their key challenges. Creating Creativity, a new book by author Thomas Van Hare, tackles the challenge of fostering business creativity with tried-and-true advertising agency techniques that are drawn from his eight full years as the president and creative director of an international design studio and advertising firm.

He offers a set of ad agency methods that allow you to engage “concepting” and the “creative session” for your business, using down to earth and easy to use techniques to fire up your imagination.

This book is a road map to improving your creativity, giving you new ideas, setting your business on a new track to success, and transforming your life with new ideas. With Creativity Creativity, the key to your success is YOU. With this book, you can break free of your inhibitions and find your creative side. Ultimately, you just might realize that sometimes your best ideas might just come from a cow.
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