Innovate Like Edison: The Success System of America's Greatest Inventor

By Michael Gelb, Sarah Miller Caldicott

Back in the fifties, Thomas Edison was quite rightly represented to us as the epitome of American industry and innovation. Some of us may have wondered how he did that. Gelb and Caldicott describe five principles derived from Edison's creative genius and provides a practical guide to help us implement our own "innovative potential."

"As you read this astounding book, you will feel as if that light-bulb has appeared above your head, enabling you to see yourself, your world, and your opportunities in a whole new light. You'll enjoy, you'll grow, and you'll profit handsomely from the success secrets you'll learn from the Wizard of Menlo Park."
—Ronald Gross Co-chair, University Seminar on Innovation, Columbia University

“While Edison invented the light bulb, Gelb and Caldicott have turned the light on the process of innovation he used. Reading Innovate Like Edison from start to finish on a flight from coast to coast, I landed with three pages of actions to take that will bring innovation to every corner of our business.”
—Cal Wick, CEO and Founder of Fort Hill Company, Author of the Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning

“Innovation is the art, science and discipline of integrating diverse observations and ideas into insights and converting those insights into high value products or services. Great innovators are great integrators. Michael J. Gelb and Sarah Miller Caldicott have done an exceptional job of integrating and distilling the practices, competencies and behaviors of a master innovator – Edison – into a blue print for all aspiring innovators to follow. In the current global competitive environment, innovation is the key to individual and business success. This book is a must read for business and innovation leaders for their personal and business success.”
—Surinder Kumar, Ph.D; MBA, Chief Innovation Officer, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company and Author of Riding the Blue Train

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