Question Intelligence

By Isaac You

The questions to maximize your potential and accelerate your innovation. Change the questions you ask, the way you view the issue will be transformed and innovation will start!

Elevate your question intelligence! By asking better questions, individuals can take their creativity, persuasion, productivity, willpower, and way of thinking to new heights. By asking the right questions, organizations can innovate and be successful. Good questions will enhance the education system to nurture our future leaders and catalyze transformations that contribute to a happier world. Let’s boost our question intelligence!

A common trait among excellent leaders like Apple’s Steve Jobs, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is that they possessed a keen ability to “pitch” incredible questions. Similarly, humanity’s countless progress and revolutions sprouted from unforeseen questions that allowed new ways of thinking outside the box of tradition and conventionality. Let us develop our question intelligence through this book. Then, we will soon possess a surprisingly high level of question intelligence comparable to those of the world’s greatest leaders.
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