Make, Think, Imagine

By John Browne

Engineering the future of civilization. From AI to synthetic biology, progress today is encountering the same backlash and fears that accompanied every march forward of civilization including the Industrial Revolution. In MAKE, THINK, IMAGINE, engineer and former BP CEO Lord John Browne guides readers through a wide sweep of history to remind us that technological progress is more essential than ever, but only when coupled with the two instincts that will always set humans apart: our imagination and our values. We should not slow the pace of innovation but instead think hard about how to react to its inevitable flaws.

In a quest to find out how we can balance the benefits and risks of engineering progress, Browne interviewed over one hundred of the world’s top innovators including surgeons, neuroscientists, NASA engineers, computer scientists, moral philosophers, and notables ranging from internet pioneers Tim Berners Lee and Vint Cerf to gene sequencing innovator Craig Venter to architect Norman Foster and Apple iPod co-inventor Tony Faddell.
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