Disruption OFF

By Terry Jones

The technological disruption coming for your company and what to do about it. In his new book, Disruption OFF, Digital Disruptor, Terry Jones shares his thoughts on the new technologies and business models that startups and competitors are deploying to disrupt your company. More importantly he outlines the tools and techniques you must use to avoid disruption.

This books gives you insights that can help turn your business from the disrupted into the disruptor. Disruption OFF outlines key disruptive technologies including: AI Cloud 3D Printing Drones 5G Big Data VR and more. Terry takes us through examples of how industries are deploying these technologies to their competitive advantage. He details the new business models that come along with these technologies. Models such as: Sharing, Platforms, Ecosystems Outcomes and Subscriptions are discussed in depth so you can learn the advantages in putting them to work.

Finally, the book gives you a set of tools and techniques that can help you put these technologies and models to work to gain profit, share and business advantage. You will learn how to, “Create fearlessness”, “Fix the Odds”, “Lose the Luddites”, “Why you should say why” and “Why you shouldn’t play pinball”.
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