Moonshot Innovation

By Ross Thornley

How you can positively impact a billion people. To solve the challenges of today and tomorrow we can no longer use the techniques, thinking and processes of yesterday. We need to embrace the opportunities from the fastest technological and most innovative period in history.

We are living in a world where Science Fiction is swiftly becoming a reality. Technology is disrupting almost every industry, and the pace of change has never been more rapid. How do we not only cope with the accelerated modern world, but thrive on it, creating an abundant and better future for humanity?

In Moonshot Innovation, futurist and exponential leader Ross Thornley sets the scene for our evolving world, and shares his ideas and techniques for harnessing the awesome power of technology and innovation around us. Ross’s collaborative and all-encompassing approach to tackling grand challenges will teach you how to integrate business with positive impact, economic growth with long-term humanitarian contribution, with a clear focus on the 2030 United Nations sustainable development goals.

Moonshot Innovation shows us how thinking big has never been more important in human history, and how one person, armed with an exponential mindset, can positively impact a billion lives.
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