Accelerated Innovation

By Paul Prior

How any business can rapidly innovate to create an unfair advantage. According to McKinsey, 84% of executives have stated that innovation is pivotal to their growth strategy. Despite this, an astounding 80% of new products and services fail to meet expectations in the marketplace.

It's time organizations get serious about innovation efforts that actually offer a quantifiable and sustainable return on investment. Poor leadership, fear of failure and choice bias are three of the reasons companies limit their own success. Corporate inability to judge objectively… and trust in the face of big decisions… is a catalyst for this downfall.

The Only Trend Moving Faster Than Technology… is Consumer Expectation. Accelerated Innovation puts forward a methodology proven to mitigate many of the risks associated with innovation. It also offers an outcome orientated approach that can create a competitive advantage for any organization. By applying Accelerated Innovation methods, your company will see an increase in the probability of success, reduced time to value and capture meaningful stakeholder insight.
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