Innova-Con 4

Innova-Con 4 Mar-29-17 to Mar-31-17
Washington D.C.

Innova-Con meetings are OPEN TO ANYONE interested in the advancement of innovation worldwide. While the meeting is used for working groups to meet and continue work on the body of knowledge, there is plenty to do and learn from some of the best minds in innovation worldwide. The cost of the meeting is supported by our corporate sponsors to make it affordable for anyone to attend and contribute.

Innova-Con is a terrific opportunity to connect with experienced innovation professionals from corporate, academic, and consulting organizations around the world. Content will focus on how to use strategies and methods of innovation to accelerate value recovery from your innovation activities. The conference is geared toward practicing innovation professionals and senior executives responsible for:
Innovation, Information Technology, Strategy, Marketing, Research, Product Development.

“This is the only event where current and future innovation professionals can meet with industry pioneers and thought leaders.”
Brett Trusko
President and CEO, IAOIP, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Innovation Science

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