AI for Good Summit

AI for Good Summit Jun-20-19 to Jun-21-19
San Francisco, CA, USA

Applying artificial intelligence to benefit society and tackle global challenges such as the environment, education, healthcare and sustainability.

The summit will explore responsible and practical applications of machine learning and deep learning to improve individual lives and society, including environmental sustainability, increasing access to education and healthcare, reducing AI bias and increasing transparency.

A cross-disciplinary mix of pioneers will share expertise, vision and leadership to provide actionable advice for startups, academia, industry, government & NGOs to solve global challenges using AI. How can we use AI to empower citizens and as a tool for public good?

A unique opportunity to interact with business leaders, influential technologists, data scientists, and founders. Learn from & connect with 600+ innovators sharing inspiring examples and case studies to ensure AI is applied for global good to positively impact our future.

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