Global Summit on Medicinal Plants and Marine Drugs

Global Summit on Medicinal Plants and Marine Drugs Mar-04-22 to Mar-05-22
Webinar, Online Event

Medicinal Plants 2022 scientific committee will primarily emphasize on the various topics related to Medicinal Plants and Marine Drugs, etc. It is a world-wide dais that combines different spheres, stimulate the exchange of ideas and enable participants to grasp the latest developments and ideas in different areas of Medicinal Plants and Marine Drugs. It will serve as a great platform to improve your knowledge and skills in this field through various research experience and presentations. It also helps to gain a view about career development and job search.

The Conference contains Keynote Forum, Oral and Poster presentations, Young Research Forum and Exhibitions. It is also a perfect platform to find out how Medicinal Plants research innovations helpful to the Medical, Health and plant society. The conference will mainly focus on the trending topics during presentations of the two-day event, which reflect current education, research, developments, and innovations internationally in the field of Plants, marine and medical sectors.


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