Ford logo Ford receives thousands of ideas each year. In order to review these, we have a strict process that balances your interests and rights with those of Ford Motor Company. In return for your acceptance of the Idea Submission Rules and Terms & Conditions, Ford Motor Company offers a non-confidential, preliminary evaluation of your submission.

This site is available for you to submit certain nonconfidential ideas to Ford Motor Company. In order to be considered, submissions must relate to products, features or function. Ford does not accept the following types of submissions:

• Confidential information of any type

• Product styling or design

• Product names, slogans or logos

• Advertisements or Marketing Ideas (Commercials, Songs, etc.)

• Business methods or ways of conducting our business (restructuring, bail-out, etc.)

• Those that suggest perpetual motion (e.g. “doesn’t require fuel”, “recharges itself”, use of magnets, recapture of wheel or wind energy)

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