Frequently Asked Questions

Q   When I log in, I am told my account has not been authenticated.
A   When you register with, send an authentication email to the email address you provided when you signed up. This is a security measure to prevent someone else from signing up using your email address. Please check your inbox for the authentication email and click the link provided in the email. Clicking this link activates your account and allows you to log in.

Q   I never received my authentication email.
A   The authentication email is sent automatically and immediately when you register. In most cases it should arrive within a couple minutes. There are two common problems:
1)  The authentication email was blocked by your spam filter. If you have a junk folder where spam is deposited, check it for the missing email. If your junk folder has since been cleared, attempt to log in and click the "resend the authentication email" link. If you do not have a junk folder or the authentication email was blocked before it got this far, you will need to white-list so emails are allowed through. The white listing procedure varies from one email program or provider to another. In rare cases you may have to contact your email service provider to have the block removed. After has been white listed, click the link described above to resend the authentication email.
2)  The email entered when you registered was incorrect. Typos and entering .com instead of .net are common mistakes. Make sure your email account is still active also. If you believe you entered the wrong email address, you will have to re-register.

Q   When I try to log in, I am told my email address and/or password are invalid.
A   There are two possibilities in this case:
1)  A mistake was made either when logging in, or when registering (if this is the first time you are trying to log in). Ensure you are typing the email address and password correctly. You can check that you are entering the email address correctly by verifying against the email address we send the authentication email to when you first registered.
2)  Your account has been disabled. This is a very rare occurrence and only likely to happen as the result of suspected abuse or fraud.

Q   When I try to log in, I keep coming back to the login page, but with no error message.
A requires "cookies" to identify you while logged in. A cookie is a small text file written to your computer that is associated with a particular website and is sent to the website every time you visit it. If you do not have cookies enabled you will experience the behaviour described above. Please make sure your browser allows to use cookies. Only "session" cookies are required, which are cookies that are deleted when you close your browser. We do not require saved cookies, which remain on your computer even after you reboot. Most browsers will allow you to either relax privacy settings to allow all websites to write cookies (normally this is the default setting) or specifically give permission to to write cookies on your computer.

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