Innovation Articles

By Andy Beaulieu

Innovation Infrastructure and Skills: In Search of a Few Good People


What are the key roles and accompanying structures you need to drive innovation and creativity in your organization? In this article, Andy Beaulieu considers each role and the skills that are required to get innovation happening in a way that will actually benefit. He also shines a light on the important question of how roles need to be structured around teams and stakeholders.

Channeling Culture, Communications and Motivation for Innovation


Knowing how difficult it is to change the culture in any organization, how can you align your company's culture to support creativity and innovation? In this article, we focus on four key cultural aspects you need to master if you want to drive innovation.

Strategy and Leadership for Innovation: Making It Real, Urgent and Attainable


Effective leadership with a clear focus on the organization's strategy is a key ingredient to successful innovation in your business. Andy Beaulieu considers the well-known and not so well-recognized aspects of leadership and strategy that could be holding up your organization's capacity to innovate.

Moving Forward with Innovation by Looking Back


For an organization to innovate effectively in the future, it needs to tap into its innovation legacy. Only by moving first backward can an organization move forward in developing new products and services.

Eight Key Dimensions to Sustainable Innovation


Eight factors are critical to the success of your organization's innovation efforts. Ignore any one of these important dimensions and you seriously risk the outcome of your innovation practices.