Innovation Articles

By Jim Carroll

10 Great Ideas


Jim Carroll, an expert on innovation and keynote speaker, shares 10 great innovative ideas that you can implement into your workplace. He encourages companies to re-evaluate their thought process and try to adopt some new simple principles that will help encourage day to day innovative movements.

The Masters in Business; Imagination Manifesto


Success comes from re-invention, you do not always need to create something “new.” You just need to think of a “new-way” of doing things.

The world around us changes quickly, one of the greatest assets of creativity is the ability to “adapt”. Innovation is evolution, what is state of the art today can become absolute tomorrow. Its in your best interest to be the one ahead of the game.

Sharing his insights on progression and innovation, expert and keynote speaker, Jim Carroll offers up his motivational pointers on getting ahead and staying there.

How to Be Innovative


Innovation expert Jim Carroll shares 10 great words you need for 2012 that will help you be at your best, and create unique and original ideas.