Innovation Articles

By Ron Shulkin

The Top 5 Idea Enrichment Issues


Idea Enrichment is a must have step for Disruptive Innovation.

The review of ideas is an important step in the ideation process. Crowdsourcing a topic will yield lots of contributions. You’ll end up with a ranked list of ideas. But are they of any value? The trick is to take the very best or winning ideas and THEN look very critically to see if they’ll fly.

When is the Best Time to ask your Team for Ideas?


You first have to come to accept the fact that some times are better than others to ask all of your smart people to spend time on collaboration. It may be as simplistic as putting aside some time for ideation (“Join us for innovation week!”). But human nature is a bit more complex and your organization can wring the creative juices out of your team more optimally under some conditions more than others. At least if we extrapolate from the social, psychological studies out there.