Mental Health Care in the Worst Phase of Corona Epidemic Infection
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The entire world is going through a life-threatening crisis of corona epidemic infection today. Every day millions of deaths worldwide are caused by this contagious disease.

In such adverse circumstances, every person is worrying about the health of his or her loved ones and friends. Everyone is worrying about their own people, that they should not be infected with the corona epidemic. Our doctors, nurses, health workers, scavengers are doing everything possible to avoid this infectious disease, but still it is difficult to control this infectious disease.

This corona infection epidemic is having the most negative effects on mental health. As a result, every person has suffered from fear. Worries, insecurities and fears of the future are troubling everyone due to the growing side effects of the epidemic.

No common and special escape from the fatal attack of corona covid 19 pandemic virus. Protect yourself and your loved family members from this Corona Kovid 19 infection epidemic and contact us for online counseling and counseling for the most important guidance to maintain mental health health in this phase of infection.

This sudden break in running life and fear of corona virus has started to affect people's mental health.

Meanwhile, there has been an atmosphere of anxiety, fear, loneliness and uncertainty and people are struggling with it day and night.

Surendra Singh Virhe Junior Research Fellow (JRF) at Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi, Spiritual Yoga Therapist & Health Wellness Life Coach ,Healing Psychosomatic Health Research Scholar, who works on mental health, says, "The whole environment has changed for people. Suddenly schools, offices, businesses are closed, do not go out and watch the news of corona virus throughout the day. It has a natural effect on mental health. "

“There are three reasons for disturbing people. One is the fear of being infected with the Corona virus, the other is uncertainty about jobs and business, and the third is loneliness due to lockdown. "

Effect of stress on body

Virhe says that the effect of these conditions is that the stress starts to increase. Normal stress is good for us, it gives encouragement to move forward but more stress becomes distressed. This happens when we see no way forward. There is panic, feeling energyless. At present, there is so much uncertainty and confusion about the epidemic that how long everything will be fine is not known. In such a situation, there is a danger of everyone getting under stress.

Corona epidemic infection affects mental health

Corona: It is also important to pay attention to mental health in times of epidemic

Corona virus outbreaks calls for the adoption of strict precautionary measures worldwide. In this situation, individuals, families, organizations and the economy are facing challenges, and are now locked out in most parts of the world to prevent further infection. The corona epidemic has affected people's mental health, and it is not difficult to see anxious faces around them in this situation.

The disease is particularly daunting and OCD. Is even more difficult for people struggling with. Just as you maintain social distance i.e. social distancing to stay physically safe and wash your hands, there are things to be done to stay mentally healthy and maintain positive mental well-being. Please know some ways below to take care of your mental health and give us a chance to help you in this important watch.

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