The Next Silicon Valley

The Next Silicon Valley is an independent media website that publishes global news, articles and information on a daily and weekly basis about the world of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology development, regional economic development, venture capital, and investment promotion across global markets.
The Next Silicon Valley The website has a large and growing readership in more than 90 countries and 400 cities worldwide. Evolved from a series of weekly blogs begun in 2009, the website was officially launched in January, 2010, as detailed in this news release. Vist the Press Room for Chinese language versions of this release and more news about The Next Silicon Valley.

The Next Silicon Valley targets top-level science and technology professionals, business leaders, government officials, investment professionals, and economic development agency professionals worldwide.

The Next Silicon Valley is a metaphor for the globalization of innovation, technology and the network of ‘knowledge ecosystems’ that are emerging in diverse geographical regions, sectors, and locations around the world.

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