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Wired's science blog provides you the most interesting news from the research world with insightful writing that helps you see what's exciting and what's at stake within the torrent of academic journal articles.
Wired Science Blog Wired Science is part of the Conde Nast network of magazines and popular websites - Wired Science is on a par with epicuroius.com, nutritiondata,com, Reddit.com, style.com and webmonkey.com. A Technorati rank of 30 reveals just how highly the information in Wired Science is regarded. You can also access the other Conde Nast blogs directly from the Wired Science blog, like Autopia, GeekCenter, and MonkeyBites.

News and innovations in science are the main content of Wired Science, however there is also some political and social, science-related commentary. Posts are informative yet concise, and are well linked to related info within the blog, and the information as well as the photos are clearly credited.

The category list is well refined and organized, and categories include Animals, Biotech, Brain and Behavious, Earth Science, Energy, Environment, Food, Genetics, Government, Health, Medicine, Physics and Space. An informative, professional blog with a magazine-feel.

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